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about the DIL Sisterhood


The Daughter-in-law Sisterhood where Dynamic, Inspiring Ladies come to relax. Grab a Cup of Coffee and Chat with a Sister. Come on; it’s all gonna be okay. Your sanity is just a click away.

Mission Statement

Look no further! The DIL Sisterhood is where sanity prevails. Our sole purpose in life is to provide a haven where Daughters-in-Law (DIL) as well as ladies with some savvy advice to give can support one another, seek advice, laugh a bit, and hopefully resolve your painful and sometimes funny mother-in-law issues and family issues. But the DIL Sisterhood is so much more..You’ll have to become a member to find out what else we have going’ on behind these closed doors.

Advice: We are the sister you always wanted!

Got a doozie of a dilemma? Post a question and get advice from real daughters-in-law, just like you! See a story you can relate to? Give constructive advice and answer any of the questions posted by other daughters-in-law in need of some TLC. Let's face it. We are the sister you always wanted! And, we won’t raid your closet.

The Lounge: Blow off some steam in our private community!

Hey, a girl’s gotta vent! DIL Sisterhood members can create a private profile, introduce themselves and discuss specific topics created by the moderators. Worried that your Mother-in-Law might see you online? Don’t be! You can easily create a discreet username, so you can discuss specific topics with your own sorority of fellow DILs.

  • Create a social network style profile and begin connecting with other DILs!
  • Post notes on your fellow DILs' profile wall!
  • Send Hugs to those on your DILs friends list!
  • Join groups (like DILS on a Diet, Wedding Bells and Hubby Drama) and become part of the conversation! 
  • Post stories or topics in groups you're a member of! 
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Blog: Your Hostesses Patricia and Robin

The founder of The DIL Sisterhood, Patricia is a savvy business women with a sympathetic ear and her sister-in-law Robin, married mom of three both shares their  take on life from hot topics, relationships, business news, and of course mothers-in-law! The blog also features celebrity guest bloggers!