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About DIL Sisterhood Founder, Patricia Bachkoff-Weber

As one of the first women to put the spotlight on the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law struggle, Patricia is going places most daughters-in-law have only dreamed of. She is dedicated to the DIL sisterhood and wants to bring a voice to all the daughters-in-law who need this support system.

She also wrote and starred in her wildly popular web series starring and produced by Nancy Glass aptly titled Mother-in-Law Hell. The well-depicted webisodes have become overnight hits. The ongoing partnership with Nancy Glass Productions has exciting plans in the works for the brand. And attention DILS, her first fiction novel is also in the works. It is in the chic lit genre and every woman who has ever been in a relationship will enjoy it!

Patricia has found her calling. The site is filling a void for daughters-in-law everywhere who are searching for a sanctuary of help and support. She is a multi-talented speaker, blogger, businesswoman and entrepreneur speaking out for the Daughter-in-Law sisterhood.

Mrs. Corporate America by day, Patricia comes home, kicks off her heels and becomes an Ann Landers of sorts by night.

Q & A with Patricia Weber

The mastermind behind DILsisterhood.com answers your most frequently asked questions

Q.     What is DILsisterhood.com?

A.     Think of it as a secret sisterhood of women that are on your side. You’re probably used to an eye roll or sympathetic nod from your hubby or single best friend when you talk about her, your significant other, weight issues, etc.… but not here!         Chances are your fellow daughters-in-law have been through it or can relate, so indulge in The Daughter-in-law sisterhood, the international online community where you can confide in women from all over the world, share your mother-in-law stories and swap advice.

Q.     How did you start Mother-in-Law Hell?

A.     I started DILsisterhood.com after dealing with my own mother-in-law and           searching for a place where I could share my story and get advice. I was      lost and in my version of mother-in-law hell. I thought that there had to be          more daughters-in-law like me dealing with similar issues, and then I          realized there was something missing online. DILsisterhood.com is just the       solution for daughters-in-law seeking advice, community and support.

Q.     Why is this important for women?

A.     Daughters-in-law everywhere need a place where they can be free to express their feelings without being judged or criticized. We get enough of that already, don’t you think? It’s a virtual support system. I can’t tell you what a relief it is to know that someone is dealing with the same issues and struggles right there with you. It’s also nice to know that there are worse mothers-in-law out there! Maybe yours isn’t so bad after all.

Q.     How does the site work?

A.    We tried to make the site easy to navigate and helpful for all women, whether you are looking for general advice or want to share a specific story. The main advice section and lounge are areas for members who are dealing  with a specific issue and want to discuss it with someone who has been there. The advice  section is full of general mother-in-law topics that are sometimes frightening, sometimes funny and always something you can relate to.         

Q.     Why should I become a member?

A.     Registered members have access to all the great features we’ve created. It is free and a great way to be more connected to the sisterhood. So many women have developed friendships and support through the site. And it’s not our fault if you get a bit obsessed… We are!

Q.     How do I register?

A.     Registration is so easy. Click the ‘register’ tab on the home page and it will guide you through creating a username and profile. All profiles are viewable to logged in members ONLY and you can share as much or as little as you like. Voila!  You’re part of the Daughter-in-Law sisterhood.

Q.     How successful has The Daughter-in-law sisterhood been?

A.     It’s exciting. The response to the site has been overwhelming! When I first  launched the site, I wanted to help women who were dealing with mother-in-law issues alone. Now I am happy to say we have over 30,000 unique views per month with more than a million visits since January 2009.

We are also collaborating with Nancy Glass Productions for our hit web series Mother-in-Law Hell staring Nancy Glass. The hilarious webisodes have become overnight hits. We are currently developing more and working together on other projects. And attention DILS, my first fiction novel is finished. Be sure to take a sneak peek. I gave you a little taste. It is in the chic lit genre and every woman who has ever been in a relationship will enjoy it!

Q.     What are the future plans for the site and the Daughter-in-Law sisterhood?

A.     Dilsisterhood.com has evolved into a modern social network and community blog with room for expansion and growth in many areas. As long as women are getting married, there will always be women in mother-in-law hell! The daughter-in-law sisterhood is one of the greatest outcomes of the site and it is continuously growing.  As far as I am concerned, there is unlimited potential for the website.

Q.     What is the worst MIL story you have heard?

A.     Check out the site! You’ll find mother-in-law stories of all kinds- from shocking to hilarious and even frightening. Some will make you cringe and others will give you a good laugh… You will probably even find some stories worse than yours!

Q.     Can I advertise on the site? 

A.     Yes! We offer various advertising packages and options. If you have a business or website, be sure to add it to our shop as well.