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What is the Daughter-in-Law Sisterhood?

  • Let’s face it: We’re women. We love to talk. We like to share stories, vent, laugh, cry, and I’ll admit it … gossip with our closest pals.
  • Daughters-in-law aren’t that different from other women. They just have different problems and sensitive situations that they are handling. It’s hard to get the kind of understanding and advice you need from your sister-in-law, husband or even your own mother. Its 2010, and daughters-in-law have new issues.

Why is the Daughter-in-law Sisterhood so successful?

Why Should Advertisers Care?

  • Women influence 85 percent of all consumer purchases
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  • 69.4 percent of women cite the Internet as the primary source for information to keep their household running with information on family activities, recipes, health news, and entertainment listings.
  • The Internet is the primary vehicle (62.3 percent) that women use to research products or services they may purchase


DILsisterhood is an advertiser’s Heaven

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