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This site sends elephant, gorilla, or cow poop to whomever you choose.  GUARANTEED ANONYMOUS!  Will it be MIL or BIL I use this on first?  hahahahahahahahaha!



by Hendy1 • Friday, March 01, 2013 • 17 comments

My partner and I were short on cash for our birthdays which are a week apart and we decided we would plan eachohther each a special day and take eachother out to dinner. My Partner was talking to her mother and her mother suggested a restuarant. My partner ended up …read more »



by Hendy1 • Monday, February 18, 2013 • 9 comments

My MIL has some boundry issues. When ever she has a problem she calls my partner and expects a "therapy session." She wants to vent and just have my partner listen. If my partner talks or gives advice she will often scream or hang up the phone. Alcohol sometimes affects …read more »

Hey! It's Erica1217!

Debbie Downer

by Erica1217 • Friday, July 13, 2012 • 14 comments

Ok so my girlfriend broke up with me and moved out because her mom had been causing us to fight a lot and I made the mistake of telling her to move out but I did not mean it, I was just mad. My girlfriend moved into a house that is RIGHT …read more »


Just need to rant

by helpme!32 • Monday, April 30, 2012 • 8 comments

Hi all, just need to rant or milfh's ridiculous behavior. She has been visiting and has been super frosty to me because she is mad at my partner, not me, but it's just easier to be mad at me. MILFH is mad that her daughter did not take enough time …read more »


Should I give up on spouse?

by helpme32 • Friday, April 27, 2012 • 10 comments

Hi, like all of you, I have a MIL from hell. Basically she manipulates situations and her main strategy is to act like a martyr. For example, yesterday, she gave us a coffee maker. She basically threw it in our face and said, it you don't like it, I can …read more »


Is this ridiculous?

by Leyot • Monday, March 19, 2012 • 47 comments

Hello, I'm new here and here is a little introduction to my MIL problem, and also I'd like an opinion. 

When we were dating, DH and his mother seemed to have a normal relationship. She lived 2 hours away, and he visited her maybe once every 6 weeks, spoke …read more »


If I die, what will happen to my son?

by PistolC • Monday, November 15, 2010 • 14 comments

This is a question that I ask myself daily.  And it is really plaguing me.

We are all here because our MILs are inappropriate and often unbearable.  My BF works long hours, and is often far away from home.  He was raised by this crazy lady and there is …read more »