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Hey! It's Patricia!

Hello Ladies!

I wanted share a piece of my soon-to-be published novel, The Daughter-in-law Society with my favorite ladies on earth!

If your looking for a naughty indulgence that focuses on "girl power and "friend power" via tales of a strong and supportive sisterhood of enviable yet earthy women, then come take a sneak peek!


Please leave comments here. I would love to get your feedback.

Thank you all for supporting the Society. Without your contributions, women would be left to fight the battle alone.


Hey! It's Robin!


by Robin • Monday, October 18, 2010 • 5 comments

(Sorry Viloa but I'm going to use your post as an example... Hope you dont mind to much) 

As we all know we are all still learning all the new, fun, cool tools on the site! 

I received this one this morning:


In the control panel it was clear just in bold, but, when I posted it came across very clumped together and hard to read. SOOOO with that being said my suggestion is make sure your post isnt in bold! LOL! I'm trying to remember some of the post that may have had …read more »

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Hey! It's Robin!

A Question we received today

by Robin • Friday, October 08, 2010 • 5 comments

As I was approving post this morning I came across this one from usmcwife:

Sorry, not a drama questions.... I know it says to change up your personal info so everyone's identity remains private, but is there somewhere we could go to see if any of us live near each other? If your DH or you are in the military then we all must be around here somewhere..

If people live near each other then maybe great friendships can come from it... We all know we have the military and crazy MIL's in common!!

Just curious.. …read more »

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Hey! It's Robin!

“DIL Dictionary”

by Robin • Thursday, October 07, 2010 • 18 comments



BIL = Brother in law

COW=Center of the World (MIL of course!)

DD = Dear Daughter

DGAF= Dont give a f***

DH = Dear Husband

DS = Dear Son

FB = Facebook

FIL = Father in law

FMIL= Future Mother-in-law


read more »

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Hey! It's Robin!

So what do you think?

by Robin • Monday, October 04, 2010 • 10 comments

Wow look at this place now huh!!!! Looks AWESOME!!! Thanks to Moxie Design Studios for such a great job on the site! As Patricia said in her post there is so much more to come! It's now time to grow that amazing community of DIL's in MIL HELL into the amazing Sisterhood we have become! We are learning the new layout right along with all of you so please be patient! I think I have pretty much gotten down so it shouldn't be to long! I know you will all enjoy what's all to come! I can't wait to continue …read more »

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Hey! It's Patricia!

Welcome to the Daughter-in-Law Society!

by Patricia • Sunday, October 03, 2010 • 6 comments

Hello ladies! We are very excited to announce the launch of our highly anticipated website The Daughter-in-law Society, the new face of Motherinlawhell.com. You might be asking why we changed an already fab website that had thousands of active members. Mother-in-law Lell started as community where women from around the world could come get advice about their problematic mother-in-law. Over time, the site took on a new shape. Rather than just discussing inlaw issues, women were looking for help dealing with maritial problems, baby-making or lack thereof, career advice, and so forth.

As we watched this transistion take place, we realized that the site was a …read more »

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Hey! It's Patricia!

Some Posting Reminders

by Patricia • Thursday, March 11, 2010 • 0 comments

Hello again everyone! We are loving the fact that all of our sisters are giving such incredible advice and able to help each other out as well as you are! I have just recently (through the help of your advice to others) helped my own mom avoid becoming a MILFH with my brother and SIL! So I'm sure all parties will be thanking you soon enough! LOL!

Here I go with my reminders though...... Sorry if I am becoming a MFH = (

I would like everyone to remember that we are all sisters. We are fighting this …read more »

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