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by Robin • Friday, December 16, 2011 • 2 comments

Hi everyone! Hope you are all ready for the holidays cause I know I'm not! LOL!  I seem to be having some issues with my mail. I am receiving them but I cannot respond. I promise I have it being looked into! In the mean time I wanted to kind of generally respond to some of the ones I have received. 

1.) Some people have been having problems signing up a new account (hopefully those of you can see this =) ) I ask that you please try again. I have had new sign ups since receiving your emails so it may have been a momentary glitch. 

2.) Visiting the site via your iPhone. After reading that email I did try on my iPhone and open just fine so I played a little. If you log on to the site from one page and then search other pages it keeps you logged in for some reason. My suggestion is try to close out all other open browsers (because if you are anything like me you forgot which window it was open in to began with LOL!) and then try again! Please let me know if this works! 

3.)For some of our new members: To post a new advice: click on the advice tab at the top of the page. On that page off to the right hand side there is a link that says "get MIL advice". If you click on that a new advice post window will open. All advice post do need to be approved so we ask that you please do give us a 24 hour window Monday- Friday to approve. I do try to get on sometimes during the weekend to approve as well but that is not promised. I also know that some of our abbreviations can be confusing. On the BLOG page we do have a link to the "DIL Dictionary". We have many posted there and if the one you are looking for is not please feel free to post a comment asking. Our sisters are amazing at helping out!  

I hope I covered everything!! If not please ask me again and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible! 


Happy Holiday's to all of you!!!! 

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