The DIL Sisterhood: A Novel Download Your Copy Today

It wasn’t a cult – or was it?

What they seemed to be asking Kat was, “How far would you go to solve your mother-in-law issues? The Society is an exclusive, underground club formed to help women cope with and solve their mother-in-law problems. Beautiful, feisty, top-level executive Katherine (Kat) Embers is losing it big time, undermined at every turn by her insidiously insulting “MIL” (mother-in-law). It begins to affect her work and is making her reconsider her marriage. Desperate, the Internet leads her to the sophisticated and sexy Claudia, wife of a famed Hollywood producer, and doyenne of this mysterious group. There she befriends two other Society newbs: cute and lithe Julia, a bestselling fantasy book author, and bitchy, buxom ice queen Ashley. Together, they try every suggestion elder sisters like Claudia offer, but to no, and sometimes hilarious, avail. Still, the Society hasn't gained its infamy by not producing results. Soon Kat, Julia, and Ashley are introduced to Gabriella, a hot-shot entertainment lawyer, and Stella, whose expertise and methods are too bold and unusual to even mention.

Can these ladies have it all?  Turns out they can, but there is definitely a price to pay.

Come laugh and cry your way through the lives of:

  • Kat, who believes her mother-in-law despises her
  • Julia, the bestselling author of fantasy books, who is positive her mother-in-law hates her
  • Gabriella, hot-shot entertainment lawyer, and doyen of the group
  • Ashley, who tries to convince the group her mother-in-law hates her
  • Claudia, sophisticated and sexy, married to a Hollywood producer
  • And Stella, the woman with the cure for a nightmare mother-in-law

We also meet the husbands and their mothers, caught up in the drama and mental anguish of sexual tension, money, fame, fortune, ambition, jealousy, and love. Join them in their journey to find happiness with their mates, détente with their mothers-in-law, and success in their careers.