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frequently asked questions

  1. Is the DIL Sisterhood private?

    Yes, when you register with DIL Sisterhood as a member, your profiles and posts are kept private from the public in most areas of the site. The site not, however, anonymous.

  2. You said “most areas”. Are there times when my info is visible to the public or other members?

    Our homepage and RSS feeds contain excerpts from the Advice section of this site.  The full post and comments are available only to logged in members.

    Our site blog is visible to everyone and any comments made on said blog are also visible to the public.  Your name and avatar will display, but if a non-logged in guest tries to access your profile, they would be prompted to log in or register.

    Your email address, along with your profile, is kept private from the public and is not for sale or distributed to advertisers.  However, when you join a community, there is a certain level of responsibility on the member to maintain their own privacy.  Being a part of a community and a social network involves adding people as friends, hugging them, leaving notes on their wall, commenting on their posts. When you do this, a notification is sent to that member telling them that you added them as a friend, hugged them, etc. This a completely commonplace part of a community web environment.

    This website is not anonymous, it's private from the public.  If you feel at all uncomfortable about sharing your email address with other members, use an email address that's anonymous or simply don't add that person as a "friend".

    For now, we've managed to modify the software so that your email address is not compromised and notifications are sent from The DIL Society, not the user.  But in the event an upgrade or other unforeseen issues arise that cause this to happen, please understand this is part of being in a website community.

  3. Why Can Other Members See the Chat History in the Chat Room?

    The chat room feature is private and only available to logged in members.  A chat room is just that -- a room.  It's a meeting place for any and all members to discuss in an open forum. It's not a private instant message like Yahoo Messenger or AIM.

    So, when you step into the chat room lobby, you're hopping into a conversation somewhat in progress whether the chat room is  currently active or not. 

  4. What if I want to have a private conversation with another member?

    Well, you always have the option of exchanging emails or Instant message handles outside of DIL Society, but you can do so right within our own chat feature.  If you're both in a chat room, click the member's name you wish to chat with privately and invite them into a private chat.  No one can follow your discussion unless you invite them into the conversation (except adminsitrators, but we're not watching unless given a reason).

  5. What should we talk about in the chat room?

    Anything you like!  The Main Lobby, where you land when you enter the chat, is for introductions, general chit-chat, that sort of thing.

    There are other rooms based on various topics like Beauty, Tech, Entertainment, Fashion and favorites, the Vent Lounge (where you can blow off some steam) and Happy Hour (where you can indulge in girl talk in a casual, happy hour-like atmosphere).

    Occasionally, there will be special guest chats and featured chats which will have their own special rooms. Stay tuned for future announcements.

  6. What’s the Lounge?

    The lounge is kind of like a chat room, but more like a message board. It's essentially a place for you to join a group you like, then participate in conversation topics within that group (or start one of your own!)

    The Lounge is available only to registered, logged-in members.